Albion 20 and 21 Series Low Profile Casters

Low-Profile Business Machine Casters

Albion 20 and 21 series business machine casters feature low mounting heights with high load capacities, ideal for dollies, server shelves, sofa machines, and more. These casters are perfect when a small clearance is vital to product integrity, and assist in movement of heavy equipment by keeping the center of gravity low.

  • 20 Series uses heat-treated stamp steel for rig construction.
  • 21 Series features welded steel
  • Black finish provides corrosion prevention and sleep appearance.
  • Optional zinc finish available.
  • Need a brake? An optional thumbscrew brake is available.

Advanced Series Content available soon

In the meantime, please utilize our catalog page(s) shown below for detailed specifications and part numbers. If you need CAD models, please click here to view all currently available online CAD models, or please contact us for the model including the part number.