95 BBL Series

Ball Load Swivel Casters

This popular caster series has a ball load swivel (abbreviated “BBL”) and is precision machined and heat treated to provide long life with greater capacity for that very rugged application. Made from AISI 1045 forged steel.

  • 5/8″-thick 1045 AISI drop-forged steel top plate and yoke base, for extended use
  • 7″ diameter machined and hardened swivel raceway for smooth movement and extended wear
  • 1-1/4″ tapered roller thrust bearing
  • 1/2″-thick formed steel legs, welded inside and out to yoke base
  • King bolt integrally forged with top plate
  • 1-1/4″ solid axle with locking nut

Advanced Series Content available soon

In the meantime, please utilize our catalog page(s) shown below for detailed specifications and part numbers. If you need CAD models, please click here to view all currently available online CAD models, or please contact us for the model including the part number.