Albion celebrates 70 years. Images of innovative casters.

Since our founding in 1947, Albion has become The Caster Experts and is one of the most recognized names in the material handling industry. This is because we do more than just sell wheels and casters; we deliver custom-engineered, reliable solutions for the most challenging material handling problems.

As a world leader in the design and production of institutional and industrial casters and wheels, our growth is built on the challenges nobody else will take. Many custom-designed casters have become industry standards. Our experienced engineers, equipped with the latest design and manufacturing technology, create casters that deliver optimal performance for virtually every application, load size, work environment and budget.

You will select Albion casters with confidence through our highly-trained and responsive distributor network. As a brand of Colson Group, a worldwide caster company that represents eleven unique brands, you can be sure we will have the resources and staying power to service and supply your needs for at least another 70 years.