42 Series

Series: 42 Series

Spring-loaded casters are designed to protect the transported load. Albion 42 series casters protect from damaging shocks or unwanted vibration and movement. 42 Series provides greater capacities than the Albion 40 Series. Noise levels are reduced through the dampening effects of the springs.

42 Series maximum-rated capacities will deflect the wheel approximately 5/8″ (50%). Different load springs for each series permits a wide variation in ride ‘softness.’ The springs can be preloaded to obtain various degrees of deflection; contact factory for more details.

Heavy Duty Caster


Premium Quality

RoHS Compliant

Spring Loaded


Aircraft Tripod Jacks

Computer Equipment

Material Handling

Monitoring Equipment

Shock-Sensitive Applications


Interact and Download Native CAD models below. Rotate, zoom in/out, and see critical dimensions by utilizing your mouse.

42 Series