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Built for industry, backed by
a 3-year leading warranty

Caster Solutions

Caster Solutions


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*Kingpinless casters eliminate kingpin failure,
the leading cause of caster failure.

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2" wide Wheel

2" wide Wheel


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The Leading





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USA-Made 3" rigs designed for
shock & impact, up to 5,400 lbs. each

310 & 410 Series

310 & 410 SERIES


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Industry Solutions

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A Solution for every Heavy Duty Application

Custom Designs that meet Unique Situations

We understand that not every application can utilize an existing caster. Our experienced sales and engineering teams are ready to discuss your unique application needs to design you the perfect caster.

Featured Solutions

Albion 16 Series with XS X-tra Soft WheelThe World’s Top Performing Soft Wheel

Longer Lasting than Rubber-on-Iron + Non-marking.
The ideal replacement for your carts; USA-Made.

Albion 18 Series Swivel Caster with AX WheelBest in 2″ Wide Ergonomics + Maintenance Free

The best in ergonomics + no maintenance, ever.
Your employees and efficiency will feel the impact.

Albion 310 Series Kingpinless Caster with PY WheelBuilt USA-tough for Shock and Impact

USA toughness for impact and shock.
Reduce failure, go 3-year warranty kingpinless.

Albion 141 Series Spring-Loaded caster with AX WheelReduce Noise, Gain Protection & Ergonomics

Reduce noise and unwanted vibration.
Kingpinless and ergonomic advantages.


Albion NEW Product: 10″ CG-MAX Wheels & Casters

INTRODUCING: 10″ CG-MAX Wheels & Casters ________________________________________ Building on the ergonomic and durability success of the CG-MAX Max Efficiency Wheel®, we are excited to introduce a new addition to this family of products with the launch of the 10″ CG-MAX Wheel & Caster. This 10″ x 2″ wheel addition couples up with our workhorse 310 […]
Albion 16 Series Rig Improvements 2018

16 Series: Thicker Kingpin and Longer Life

Popular Albion 16 Series swivel casters feature new 3/4″-thick kingpin for increased caster life expectancy.

Our Company

ALBION is a brand of COLSON GROUP, the Global Leader in Casters and Wheels

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Engineering & Design

Utilizing the latest in available technologies, our global design and engineering teams ensure every detail in product performance, materials, and aesthetics are delivered to meet and exceed industry and customer expectations.


With advanced manufacturing and distribution facilities around the world, we continuously invest in our proprietary supply chain and leading portfolio of USA-made casters to provide the best value to our customers.


Delivering truly one-stop shopping, our experienced inside and outside support teams help customers identify the right caster from our leading product portfolio to ensure your expectations and business requirements are met on every order.

Our Family of Brands

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