94 Series BBL

Series: 94 Series BBL

Albion 94BBL Super Duty Casters utilize a ball load swivel section. The swivel load raceway uses a 5”-diameter ball load race with 1/2″ steel balls hardened for greater resistance to wear and brinelling. The raceway is protected by a forged labyrinth skirt. The thrust raceway uses a 1-1/4” tapered roller bearing. Combined with AISI 1405 drop forged steel top plate and yoke base, 94BBL casters have a long life with large weight capacities, perfect for very rugged applications.

Heavy Duty Caster


Ball Load Swivel


Aircraft Maintenance

Aircraft Wing Dollies

Aircraft Work Platforms


Die Carts

Die Tables

Machinery Dollies

Machinery Manufacturing

Metal Manufacturing

Plant Operation

Production Dollies

Production Fixtures

Scrap Metal Carriers

Steel Mills

Towable Transportation Equipment

Towed Trailers


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94 Series BBL