115 Series

Dual Wheel Kingpinless Casters

The 115 Series is a dual wheel version of our popular 110 Contender Kingpinless Series, with the addition of a third full leg for even greater durability. This remarkably durable dual wheel series provides easy turning and a sturdy footprint you can rely on.

  • 5/16″ AISI 1045 steel top plate, welded and heat-treated for longer life
  • Notched AISI 1045 steel yoke base
  • One row of 3/8″ ball bearings mounted in a heat-treated precision-machined raceway. Zerk fitting included in swivel section.
  • 1/2″ diameter hollow axle with zerk fitting

Advanced Series Content available soon

In the meantime, please utilize our catalog page(s) shown below for detailed specifications and part numbers. If you need CAD models, please click here to view all currently available online CAD models, or please contact us for the model including the part number.