XR X-tra Soft Rubber Wheels

Series: XR X-tra Soft Rubber Wheels

X-tra Soft Rubber Wheels are among the market’s most superior soft tread wheels. Competitors from around the world have continually attempted to copy this innovative and unique wheel since its release. Don’t be fooled by their knock-offs. X-tra Soft is the original, and is made in the USA. X-tra Soft wheels offer the benefits of both hard and soft treads. Like hard treads, the wheel rolls easily and is extremely durable. Like a soft tread wheel, it rolls quietly, protecting floors and resisting impacts. X-tra Soft wheels have maximum weatherability, low temperature flexibility, and are resistant to chemicals, water, and steam. These wheels easily reject floor debris, such as metal shavings. Our proprietary thermoplastic elastomer tread material is permanently bonded to a ribbed polyolefin core. The tread is non-marking, which helps keep your factory floors clean. The round tread of the XR wheel provides better ergonomic capabilities, with easier turning and less floor contact, than its XS counterpart.

Chemical Resistant

Metal Debris Resistant

Mold-on Tread


Polyolefin Core

Premium Quality


Round Tread



Water Resistant


Interact and Download Native CAD models below. Rotate, zoom in/out, and see critical dimensions by utilizing your mouse.

XR X-tra Soft Rubber Wheels
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