Albion 16 Series Semi-Pneumatic Caster

Pneumatic Swivel Casters

These casters are recommended for light or medium duty dollies, bottlers trucks, hand trucks or other manually operated units and are suitable for extra heavy service. Semi-pneumatics are high profile, solid center cushion rubber tires mounted on stamped centers with lug base rims. Full pneumatics cushion the load on air, as does automobile or truck wheels.

  • Steel rigsMade in the USA for added reliability and decreased delivery time
  • Double ball bearing swivel raceway
  • Extra heavy duty cushion wheel protects equipment
  • Semi-pneumatic wheels do not face inflation issues; they are a solid-center tire and are not pressurized
  • 6″ diameter wheels must be lubricated through a hollow axle, as pressure fitting cannot be inserted into wheel hub

Advanced Series Content available soon

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