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PART NUMBER: OG098002002

Brand: Albion
Albion OG Press-on Polyurethane tires are ideal tread solutions for forklifts and other replacement-tread needs. Polyurethane tires reduce operating costs due to their high-wear resistance. Polyurethane offers easier rollability, wear resistance, and higher capacities than rubber. Press-on polyurethane provides greater cushioning and speed tolerance than even standard mold-on polyurethane.

OG098002002 is a 9-inch press-on polyurethane wheel for a 5-inch diameter core. This tire has a grooved tread.

Wheel Diameter9.00

Wheel MaterialPress-on Polyurethane

Wheel TypePress-on Polyurethane


Wheel FaceGrooved Tread

Tread Width5.00

Tread DetailPolyurethane

Tread ColorGreen

Core DetailSteel Band

Core ColorSilver

Hardness95 Shore A

Temperature Minimum-40F

Temperature Maximum+180F

Capacity at 6 MPH3020

Capacity at 10 MPH2680

Wheel CategoryPolyurethane


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