Series: 05 Series Stainless

Albion 05 series are polished stainless steel 2”-wide industrial casters. These stainless-steel casters are designed for light-duty applications where frequent wash-downs are necessary, and are ideally suited for applications which expose the caster to cleaning agents, steam, caustic solutions or other corrosive agents. All component parts are stainless steel.



Economical Wheel

Ergonomic Wheel

Floor Protective Wheel

Harsh Environment Wheel

Heat Resistant Wheel

Maintenance-Free Wheel

Metal Debris Resistant Wheel

Non-Marking Wheel

Popular Caster

Premium Polyurethane Wheel

Premium Quality Wheel

Premium Rubber Wheel

Round Tread

Shock-absorbing Wheel


Swivel Lock

USA-Made Wheel

Water Resistant Wheel


Interact and Download Native CAD models below. Rotate, zoom in/out, and see critical dimensions by utilizing your mouse.