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Rolling Ease
Floor Protection
Quiet Operation
Oil Grease Resistance
Water Resistance
Mild Chemicals
Metal Debris Resistance


Brand: Albion

Albion 94 Series Super Duty Casters

Albion 94BBL Super Duty Casters utilize a ball load swivel section. The swivel load raceway uses a 5”-diameter ball load race with 1/2″ steel balls hardened for greater resistance to wear and Brinelling (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brinelling). The raceway is protected by a forged labyrinth skirt. The thrust raceway uses a 1-1/4” tapered roller bearing. Combined with AISI 1405 drop forged steel top plate and yoke base, 94BBL casters have a long life with large weight capacities, perfect for very rugged applications.

Wheel Diameter10.0000

Fastening TypeTop Plate

Fastening Size6" x 7-1/2"

Wheel MaterialPolyurethane on Cast Iron

Swivel LeadNA

Wheel TypePY Polyurethane on Cast Iron

Swivel RadiusNA

Bearing TypeRoller


Wheel FaceCrowned Tread

Caster TypeRigid

Has BrakeNo

Wheel ColorGreen on Black

Temperature Range-40F to +180F

Swivel LockNone


Tread Width4.0000

Tread DetailPolyurethane

Core DetailCast Iron

Bolt Hole Spacing4-1/2' x 6"

Mounting Bolt Diameter1/2"

Mount Height12.5000

Hardness95 Shore A

Wheel CategoryPolyurethane


Ball Load Swivel

Heavy Duty Caster


USA-Made Wheel

Premium Polyurethane Wheel

Die Carts

Towed Trailers


Work Stations

Steel Mills

Aircraft Maintenance


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